Sheriff's Office Missing Persons Descriptions

Brian Joseph Butler
Last Seen: 02/16/2014
Case # 14-01396

Brian Butler was 36-years-old at the time of his disappearance. Butler was last seen driving his vehicle on Highway 1 on 02/16/2014. Butler’s vehicle was found the following morning, unoccupied and parked along the southbound shoulder of Highway 1, just south of the Tom Lantos Tunnels in unincorporated San Mateo County.

Ling Jung Zheng
Last seen: 07/07/2014
Case # 14-6381

Ling Zeng was 37-years-old at the time of her disappearance.  Zheng is known to have worked at Massage Parlors in the San Francisco and Los Angeles area.

Michael Jay Amico Wallace
Last Seen: 02/04/2003
Case # 03-4390

Michael Wallace was 29-years-old at the time of his disappearance. Wallace was last seen on February 4, 2003, when he left his home in Menlo Park, California. Wallace is a graduate of Harvard University and was formerly employed by Sun Microsystems. Wallace suffered a number of setbacks in the year prior to his disappearance. Wallace suffers from depression and was taking anti-depressant medications at the time of his disappearance. Wallace was raised in Leominster, Massachusetts.

George Rodrigues Pereira Jr.
Last Seen:  01/07/2002
Case #0300620

George Pereira was 33-years-old at the time of his disappearance. Pereira was released from the San Mateo County Jail in Redwood City and has not been heard from since.

Maria Serrano
Last seen: 10/17/1998
Case# 98-01248

Maria Serrano was 28-years-old at the time of her disappearance. She was last seen in leaving her residence on foot to go to work on Purissima Street in Half Moon Bay. Serrano has no known medical or mental health conditions. Serrano has family in Mexico and may have been headed there to reunite with family.

Robert Carl Rock
Last seen: 05/03/1995
Case #: 95-03309

Robert Rock was 26-years-old at the time of his disappearance. Rock left his home in Millbrae on May 3rd, 1995 and has not been seen since. Rock had been diagnosed as Schizophrenic.

Brian Edward Jones
Last Seen:  01/07/1985
Case #: 8501085

Brian Jones was 20-years-old at the time of his disappearance. Jones was very despondent over a break-up with his girlfriend. Jones made statements that he was going to jump off of a bridge.

Anna Waters
Last seen: 01/16/1973
Case # 73-0484

Anna Waters was 5-years-old at the time of her disappearance. Anna's photo is shown age-progressed to 44 years. She was last seen playing in her backyard in a rural area near Half Moon Bay in unincorporated San Mateo County. Anna has a mole on her cheek and dimples. She was last seen wearing a blue and white t-shirt, blue trousers, and black rubber boots.