Jail Planning

Welcome to the San Mateo County Sheriff's Office, Jail Planning Unit's website.

In 2004, as overcrowding in our jail facilities worsened, a Jail Overcrowding Task Force was formed, followed by conduction of Male and Female Offender Needs Assessments. This was followed by community outreach efforts and public meetings before the County Board of Supervisors, with the intended goal of building a new/replacement jail facility.

The Sheriff's Office Jail Planning Unit (JPU) will oversee the planning, design, construction, transition, opening, training and operational evaluation of the new jail facility on Chemical Way in Redwood City. The new jail will replace the Maple St. Complex, reduce the County's severe inmate overcrowding issues, meet future planning horizons and reduce recidivism by adding 576-768 beds and providing dedicated space for:

  • Educational and vocational training, substance abuse treatment and other programs directed at reducing recidivism
  • Work/Educational Furlough, Sheriff's Work Program
  • Transitional Housing for men and women with emphasis on community re-integration

For archived reports, news, and meeting summaries on the project, as well as current news, RFQ's, RFP's, construction updates and the like, please select one of the tabs listed in the left and right columns. Thank you.


Construction Update: Maple Street Correctional Center

Here you will find updates on the construction of the Maple Street Correctional Center (MSCC).


Here you will find current and archived notices of meetings related to the Replacement Jail Project, as well as current and archived RFPs.

Needs Assessment and Studies

Here you will find archived information documenting efforts related to determining the current and future needs for additional detention capacity for female and male inmates incarcerated in the San Mateo County Detention System.

Site Selection

Here you will find archived information documenting efforts to evaluate various site options.

Community Outreach

It is so important the Community have repeated opportunities to learn about and provide input to the Jail Planning Unit regarding this project. Here you will find current and archived Community Outreach meeting notices and printed materials.

Newspaper Articles

Archived newspaper articles are available here, beginning with first article posted on February 2, 2008.